Sustainability AI

Transparency - Comparability - Reasoning - Linked Knowledge


Graph-based Sustainability Knowledge Base

We provide a graph-based sustainability knowledge base for transparent and comparable sustainability information from a variety of industries. Our database is open and suitable for retrieving sustainability information such as product carbon footprint, CO2 balancing, water consumption, conflict minerals, certifications, standards, etc.


  • Open database
  • Validation via community
  • Transparency
  • Comparability
  • Reasoning (derivation of conclusions)
  • Linked Knowledge
  • Bundling of data from different sources
    • Life Cycle Assessment Databases (LCA)
    • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO)
    • Authority
    • Balancing

Sustainability Knowledge Platform

Based on this intelligent knowledge base, we offer a Sustainability Knowledge Platform, for accessing the intelligent knowledge and providing your own applications.



  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Collaborative
  • Scientific
  • Industry-Independent
  • Evaluations according to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
  • Comparability of standards
  • Cost-effective
  • Monetization of apps

Deepen customer relationships



How can banks and the financial sector benefit from graph-based sustainability artificial intelligence (AI)?
• Improve ESG rankings
• Sustainable Investments
• Risk Management & Monitoring
• Sustainability Standards
• Comparability of corporate balance sheets


How can non-governmental organization (NGO) benefit from graph-based sustainability AI?
• Transparent provision of criticism and reporting of grievances
• Central provision of sustainability information
• Sustainability information for supply chain assessment
• Greenwashing report
• Consideration of different domains (Environment, Economy, Finance, Civil Society)

Sustainability Scientist

How can sustainability scientists benefit from a graph-based sustainability AI?
• Use in research projects
• Extensive evaluations possible
• Linking of sustainability data
• Derivation of conclusions

Sustainability Manager

How can sustainability manager benefit from a graph-based sustainability AI?
• Central knowledge database for sustainability assessments of products, suppliers and entire supply chains
• Data basis for checking compliance with current legislation such as the supply chain act
• Reliable data basis for sustainable corporate alignment
• Support reporting requirements such as conflict minerals, carbon footprint, due diligence


How can authorities benefit from a graph-based sustainability AI?
• Transparent provision of sustainability data
• Access to an open knowledge dHow can authorities benefit from a graph-based sustainability AI?
• Transparent provision of sustainability data
• Access to an open knowledge database
• Comparability of balance sheets
• Simplifies the audit of laws and standards


How can developer benefit from a graph-based sustainability AI?
• Provision of own applications
• Monetization of apps
• Access to the open knowledge base
• semantic model
• Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Usecases / Domains

Digital Marketplace

Monetization of apps

Provision of applications in an open digital marketplace

Access from applications / apps to the semantic knowledge base for sustainability data

Product Passport

Create and query a product passport

Derive and query the relevant information from the semantic knowledge base

Supply Chain Act

Audit the supply chain act using transparent comparable sustainability data (semantic knowledge base) along the entire supply chains.

Access comparable balance sheets, standards, reviews, assessments, calculations, etc. for the audit.

Risk Management

Sustainability and supply chain risk management through an open science and AI-based knowledge base.


Deriving new knowledge using collaborative science-based AI for sustainability

Provision of research information in an open semantic knowledge base

Access to a semantic knowledge database for innovative research projects


Improvement of ESG rankings using the AI-based knowledge base.

Exposing greenwashing

Review and cluster sustainable investments